TirTir - Glow Trial Kit - 1 set (4 items)

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This Glow Trial Kit contains: 

  • Centella Foam Cleansing 20ml
  • Milk Skin 20ml
  • SOS Serum 10ml
  • Ceramic Cream 15ml

Centella Foam Cleansing:

  1. Foam cleansing with snail mucus filtrates that removes sebum and fine dust from pores with a soothing finish.
  2. Contains Snail Secretion Filtrate to keep skin moisturized even after cleansing and Centella Asiatica to care for the oil-moisture balance within the skin and also controls the secretion of sebum. 
  3. Fine dust cleansing effect proven by clinical tests.

Milk Skin:

  1. A high-concentrating toner provides deep, long-lasting hydration to the skin.
  2. Base filled with Chamomile Flower Extract adds vitality to the skin, soothes weak skin, and controls sebum secretion. 
  3. Polyglutamic Acid cares the skin healthy by controlling the oil-moisture balance, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract soothes the sensitive skin with external stimulation and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 adds moisture to the skin and builds the skin barrier.

SOS Serum:

  1. Quick and rich SOS hydration serum that adds moisture to the glow loss weakened skin.
  2.  Enriched with Polyglutamic Acid to deliver instant hydration deep into the skin.
  3. Quickly absorbs into skin to pump up fine lines and wrinkles

Ceramic Cream:

  1. Rich hydration cream with Polyglutamic Acid, Shea Butter, and Harmamelis Virginiana Extract that melts into the skin offers hydration, nourishing, and porcelains to the skin.
  2. Hamamelis Virginiana Extract Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract soothes the skin with plant-originated Shea Butter and Polyglutamic Acid and offers rich hydration to the skin.
  3. Smooth texture that smoothly spreads and absorbs into the skin and it creates a rich moisture barrier over the skin.
  4. Thick and rich texture with viscosity spreads on skin with high hydration and nourishment to make dry skin healthy and glossy.